Our World Is FREE

The separateness is dissolving. As I learn how to be there for Me in every aspect of my reactions, I find I’m developing the ability to connect my heart to “other”.  I ‘m able to be with another as I am to myself. This is at the level I’ve sat in my own stuff.  Without transforming my own stuff with self reflective love, I would only see it on the face of “other” and try to fix it “over there”

Free gift is giving generously without agenda and without expectation of return.

The tricky thing about this is often when someone goes to give with the intent of generosity, but then has the expectation reaction of return.

Often we try to over-lay this with ignoring the reaction, no matter how subtle, and attempting to force the free feeling of the gift.

Forcing this feeling will never make the gift free. It’s inauthentic and it causes subtle tension in the system.


The feeling of “not free” means Don’t Give It!  ….  Give until it hurts is old paradigm 

There is no supposed to give. 

If you’ve given and the feelings are not deeply free, this is your radar to look inside; not ignore. Expanded awareness may look like unraveling the fear underneath or it may show up like not giving which is just as Free

When I say Yes to You , I say Yes to Me

When I say No to You, I say Yes to Me.

This is True and Authentic Freedom in Giving.

I find myself living in two worlds. One of barter/trade/money and simultaneously, the free world.
As I enlarge my free world with discovering true gifting and receiving, the shift I find happening  is that the barter world is slowing dissolving and the free “reality” is expanding around me. I sense we are all on this journey of transforming our core beliefs and this gradually shifts the world around us. Each one of us on the planet may be in different places in this journey. I believe this is the expansion and evolution of all beings on the planet.  We’re learning to change our beliefs about what true free gifting is and love for self reflected in “other”.  As we each do this, it touches those around us and spreads the message via “who we Be”. Together we create the New Reality upon love and the agreement of what’s showing up in our individual worlds.

water rings

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