The Flower of Life

All is destiny  – There are no missteps

The bumping of us, billiard balls in each experience, is the evolution of humanity.

Your mission:  to do whatever you feel to do in the moment.


Happiness is not found in the flow of life and it’s ups and downs, but in the awareness that witnesses the dream in a peaceful state of mind.

Suffering comes from trying to change the moment, even trying to change the suffering.

You are a perfect human.   Self awareness is seeing/knowing this.

Each of us is a billiard ball in the continuous expansion of the Big Bang.

The Awareness that watches is who You are.


Just do what you feel to do and allow it to evolve and expand into another  doing what you feel to do.

The mind cannot figure it out, yet understanding comes.

Just rest in the understanding and tell the “bone gnawing dog” of your mind that it will never figure it out.


It doesn’t take time or years. That’s what the mind thinks ….. Not true.

Your mind is seeking and suffering for an experience because we believed we would find happiness in pleasure and experiences rather than peace of mind and awareness.

Awakening experiences can happen and it’s very pleasant, but the seeker is looking for it for happiness which will only be fleeting and momentary, but not the true happiness. Then the seeker looks for the next high experience.

The seeking will continue naturally and break down at each level of let down and exhaustion  as this becomes known.

As you move toward what you feel like each moment, you will naturally be drawn to information that can possibly reprogram conditioning and generational programming.

This is natural a happening of the organism.  – No One is doing it.

It’s a natural occurring expansion of humanity.

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